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au where everything’s the same but yang wears her hair in braids


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What chapters were Sebastian and Ciel posing as a teacher and student?

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I’m listening to this penny playlist and it’s giving me chills

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"Have you ever even done this before?" ((I was thinking of doing nsfw, but depends on you))

"Of course I have, don’t question me."
//I’m under age so I can’t rp smut :/

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So when’s the episode where Penny gets angry and kills everyone that hurts Ruby coming out?

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If a trans woman is telling you that a term you’re using is misgendering her and offending her, here’s how you properly argue against her:

  • you don’t
  • you are wrong
  • you are misgendering her
  • stop it
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I’d make more rwby playlists if I could find cover art and have a better music taste

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i compressed “jack frost x the once-ler be my bad boy” into a 45x25 gifimage

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lol dont make fun of ppl for spelling things wrong like… typos are fine /funny (as long as theyre fine with it) but if it’s a genuine spelling mistake and they dont know how 2 spell it don’t…make fun of them wow.

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The tags for spoilers this year are “RWBY2" and "RWBY SPOILERS”.

The Red vs Blue fandom has done a great job of keeping our dashes free from spoilers for those blocking the tags and I want to see RWBY do just as well this year, guys, We’ve made it this far since RTX without spoiling stuff! We can do this!